This is the parts manual for Evinrude Lightfour models:

4383, 4383, 4385 4386, 4387, 4388, 4389, 4391, 4392, 4393, 4394 and 4395

These will come up in your browser window but may be a bit small to read.  The resolusion is good enough that they can be blown up several times for good reading.  Copy them to your hard drive, then use your favorite picture viewer to expand them.

To save to your hard drive, bring up a page and put your mouse over the picture.  Click the right mouse button.  A box will come up. Click on "Save pictue as".  Then navigate in the box that comes up to the place you would like to save it just as you would save a file locally.

 Parts Manual Page 1
 Parts Manual Page 2
 Parts Manual Page 3
 Parts Manual Page 4 and 5
 Parts Manual Page 6
 Parts Manual Page 7