Our Lake, part 2

We're building a lake around our house. Part 2 is underway. Here are some pictures

Phase 1 is to the right and behind. Water will be about 9 feet deeper when done.

Looking back from the other way.

4 pictures of a lot of digging.

Looking up at the house from the bottom of the hole in the ground. (Also known as the pond bottom)

Nellie is lookng at the hole in the ground from the front porch. The spot she is standing will be 6" above the water level when it is full.

She's checking out the dirt wall - not quite like the wall in Cayman. The top of the wall will be about 10 feet deep. I'd say where she is standing will be about 20 feet.

Looking down from the top of the dam (eventual water level) at Nellie, who is standing at about the deepest point. (Phase 1 is probably 2 feet shallower) The water level will go about to the the corner of the garage on the far side. (Not the white stone, but the concrete foundation about 2 feet below the stone)

Pulled the plug on the smaller pond. It'll be completely underwater when done. There are fish in it, so I'll only drain it about half way. I need the dirt from it's dam for continuing work. An hour after this was taken there was enough water to swim in the new "hole".

This is the boat ramp, which lacks concrete.

Now, Fast forward to July 8

I drained the other small pond about 2 feet to use the clay from it's dam, and we had a 2" rain. Notice the deep part is full, about 10 feet deep today. Note also that the pond dam is a bit longer - going around the bend.

This is looking back from around the bend.

This little hole is really phase 1. I dug it about 8 years ago one day when I got tired of house building.

It was about 6 feet deep, 15 feet across and about 50 feet long. The day I dug it I started pumping water into it. A couple days later it was full. I then put in 9 fingerling catfish, each about 1 1/2" long.

Now, 8 years later, this morning I drained it and caught 9-20" catfish by hand in about 6" of water. They survived just fine in that little hole and are now in the deep hole that was just filled.

More cleanup work to do, more pictures to come.

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