More Insulation

Finally it's starting to go back together. I know it is, because there is NOTHING left that can be disassembled! I even took off the rear curved inside skin above the rear off just because - well, because there was not much insulation under the front one. I figured there probably wasn't much under the back, either. I was right.

You can see the front here, I'm using "Great Stuff" by DOW to fill it in. It's got a ways to go yet.

I did some on this side, too. I can't do the bottom yet, since I've replaced the round corners, but am waiting on someone to wander by to be on the other side of the rivits.

If you look close, you'll notice my new floor in the "over cab" area. I started cutting out a bit of the old one, expecting to patch in a little. It was just to rotted. It's so much nicer now.

This is the left side, ready to get it's skin back on. It's now on, pictures to follow soon.

And another view of that side. It should be far easier to heat and cool, and should not build up nearly the heat in the hot Texas sun.

As I said, I did over the rear door as well. I must do a bit of shaving to make sure the fiberglass part will fit.

And you'll notice the new wires. I brought the power over to the right side, since I'll install my Trace inverter/charger over there. One wire is also coming down from the vent to bring in the solar panel power.

And, speaking of power, I discovered that these things were set up for an air conditioner. Not to go in the vents, but to go in this 14" square place. Just cut it out, and the wire is already there.

But, before you get too excited, you'd better locate the other end of the wire. I did, and there it is. Of course, if you don't have all your cabinets out, as well as the left rear inner skin off, I'm not sure what good it would do you.

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