The Inside Continues

The inside is taking longer than I'd hoped. Today I pulled out the left rear cabinet assembly. I first thought I could just sand it and refinish it in place. However, the joints were all loose and it needed some repairs.

I've got it glued back together now, and re-arranged some of it. I have a place for a microwave above the refrigerator. I still have to replace a board on the bottom, then sand and finish it all. Seems like it'll never end!

I started painting the inside. Nellie selected some Almond colored paint, and it doesn't look too bad. If it turns out reasonable I'll post a couple pictures.

My attempt to duplicate the original finish on the pine on the kitchen counters, making it look like Birch, didn't turn out too well. I've sanded it off and re-stained the wood. Then I out a coat of good varnish on it. After one coat, it doesn't look too bad. Time will tell.

I had a couple reasons I needed to get into the walls of the toilet area. First, I needed to screw the bottom of the wall to the floor. I had a switch in the wall that didn't work, and the handle on the outside seemed loose. I figured it needed better backing.

Once I got the skin off, I had to cut out a little of the foam insulation to get screws into the bottom. That was pretty simple.

Then I discovered why the handle was loose. The backing that Avion installed had just fallen to pieces.

A little poking at it, and it fell to the floor in small pieces of junk.

Another surprise - I'd wondered how they formed those aluminum ends inside. The surprise is, they aren't aluminum! Those rounded ends inside, front and rear, are fiberglass.

I now have the camper off the truck, sitting in my drive. I STILL have leaks, so I'm probably going to take all the skins off the inside and get a soaker hose, run it over the roof, and get the damn thing watertight.

OK, ever wonder what is under the aluminum skin? I got tied of worrying about the leaks, I'll find the damn things now. I'll also run a good power line to the air conditioner, lights in the sleeping area, and where ever else I think of.

The rest of the aluminum will come off this weekend. I can also push out that ugly dent on the front, too. If I had to do it over, the first thing I'd do is strip the whole darn thing.

You might notice that the foam insulation doesn't fill the whole thing. It actually only fills from 1/3 to 1/2 the cavity. I'd like to fill them completely while it's open. I'm not sure if it's worth the effort and mess to do it with foam, or maybe use ripped down fiberglass bats.

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