Avion Truck Camper Restoration

Saturday evening, Oct 5, 2002. I got the floor out Thursday night. Today I built the new floor. It's nearly ready to go back in.

This is what the old floor looked like. I probably could have salveaged some of the front part, but it's made of 1/4" plywood top and bottom, with 1" of foam in the middle and was pretty spongy.

This is what a camper looks like with no floor or cabinets.

And here is a propane tank compartment with no tanks, no compartment and no floor!

The first piece of plywood is cut.

They are all cut, they are now getting glued and screwed together.

And we have a new floor. It's a bit heavier than the original, since it's solid plywood, not a foam core. If it looks thick here, it's because it's laying on the old floor (or what is left of it.)

And we have another view of a new floor.

After coating what will be the bottom with resin (I don't want water getting into my new floor in MY lifetime!), I am fliping it over to coat the edges and top side.

And, presto, a new floor, resin coated, nearly ready to go in. I have some Armstrong vinel flooring to apply, then I'll jack it up into the camper and screw it in.

Got some more time to work on the floor. Today I glued the new flooring to the floor structure.

I jacked it up (well, really, jacked the camper DOWN!) and started putting screws into the edge.

You might notice that the new flooring doesn't go all the way to the front. That is where my new water tank will go. I could have bought the same flooring off the roll for about $45. Home Depot had Armstrong "remnants" of just the same quality for $16. They were 6' by 9'. Worked fine for me. I don't need flooring under my water tank.

I did learn, though, that the 10' camper is longer than 10'. My 9' flooring almost didn't go far enough to cover the open floor, even with the 15" wide water tank. It seems that the 10' camper is really 10' 2" inside! They probably could have gotten away with calling it a 10.5' camper if they wanted to.

Tomorrow I'll get the rest of it screwed together. Soon it'll be in shape I can put it back on the truck and keep it in my drive and get some real work done on it.

The floor is in. It looks pretty good. The new water tank is in place.

I put it on my truck today and borght it home. Raising it up high enought for my Dodge 3/4 diesel to fit under it was scary. I put a 2" peice of wood under each stand, then cleared by an inch or so.

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