Avion Truck Camper Restoration

Saturday evening, Sept 28, 2002

Spent the day working on the left side. The counters are out:

Piece by little piece, I got the rotted wood torn out. It required removing the cabinets, the water lines and the sewer lines. I'll have to make a trip to the plumbing shop soon to get a bunch of plastic couplers to re-assemble all the sewer pipe, but that should be simple.

Eventually I got all the rot out, all the dents along the outside lower edge pretty well straightened, working with a body hammer and dolly, and the new wood started going back in.

That's it for today. The next trip I'll glue in the foam on the left side, then the top layers of plywood.

Then, the real fun will start - the floor will come out. The unanswered question is, can I just patch in some pieces in the back, or will the entire assembly have to be reconstructed? Either way, I have the new Armstong flooring bought to glue to it.

Stand by!

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