Going together!

December 31, 2002

The interior skins are all in, except the two that cover the back of the "Avion" nameplates. Today I built the edging for the bed area (out of REAL Birch) and got it varnished. I also painted the entire insides (except the two panels I mentioned, of course).

Here are some random pictures:

This is where the kitchen counter will go. I'm continuing the backsplash all around. Not exactly a restoration, I guess, since that isn't the way the Cayo family built it. Above you see the Birch board that keeps the mattress in place.

That hole down below is the water intake. It'll be under the counter.

And on the other side, it's obvious where the reading lights will go.

Just another view - which happens to show off my new paint job.

If you notice the extra wires at the left, which happen to be over the sink, that will be a 110 volt florescent run off the inverter. The extra one the light is hanging on will go to a 110 volt light in the ceiling - also inverter powered.

Jan 1, 2003

Some of the cabinets went back in today.

Here's a look through the front tonight after all was quiet.

Did I mention my new stove!

No doors yet, no plumbing, but it's coming along.

More cabinets with no doors.

We're off to Louisana this weekend in it, doors or not, plumbing or not. More work will have to wait.

More to come.