Insulation and Front Panels continue

December 26, 2002

Well, I'm making progress, I think. Here are some before and after pictures.

On the insulation front, I have it all in, it just needs a bit more trimming to get the excess material off.

Everything is trimmed from the front rib back. The front still has it dripping, drooping, and just generally too full. Below, you'll notice the laminate over the front window. Once the glue has cured, the window opening will be trimmed out, then new window trim will be added. The laminate matches the counter top and backsplash. It's not Avion's original design, but I think it'll look better than old, cracked plywood that was painted.

Here's a closeup look ot the dripping (now cured) insulation.

This is the same thing, right side.

And, for whatever it's worth, a closeup.

Looking back, it's much neater. It's ready to take the inner liner. The fiberglass curved rear panel is already on.

On the left side, it's also ready for the lining - except I still need the screen over the refrigerator vent.

December 27, 2002

Today the skin went back in.

I suppose it doesn't look too much different than before the skin came out, but I know that it's insulated MUCH better now.

If you look above the window, you'll see a wire hanging out. I plan to put a light there so you can see better at the table. It wasn't there before. Also, up in the bunk area, you'll see a couple wires hanging out. That will be the reading light.

I still have this one piece off, I need to refinish the "Avion" name tag on the back and re-rivit it. You can see, though, that the insulation is much better than it was.

New wires here - the gray one is 10 gauge going to the air conditioner, the white one is also 10 gauge, it goes to the other side to the inverter. All plugs will come from the inverter, which will automatically switch between the land power line, or the batteries as needed.

Here is the new bunk. The old one had such a sway in it you'd think you were in a hamock - it had at least 2" from front to back. Now it's flat.

I have to do something with this vent. I'll probably dip in in acit to get rid of the rust, then do the "cold galvanizing" (Which is really just spray can stuff)

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