Avion Truck Camper Restoration

Recently I bought an Avion slide in camper, a 1967 model C-10. It needs some work, I knew that when I bought it. I'll have to admit, though, that it needs a bit more than I realized.

I bought it in Indiana and brought it back to Austin, Texas, where it'll get brought back to a usable shape.

I'll try to post pictures and progress reports as I go along and have time.

This is our other life: Our ocean going sailboat and cruising.

Now, on to the Avion C-10:

Over the past month I did a bit of work to it.

I removed the non-working refrigerator, the original one, and got it working. I removed some obstructions in the coils, turned it upside down for a bit, and got it working on electric. Then, after soaking some of the gas parts in carburator cleaner and replacing the thermocouple, it worked fine on gas. I don't know how long it'll last, since all the coils were pretty rusty, but for now it's doing fine.

The propane tanks were very rusty and I thought they were toast. I took them to one of the bigger propane shops here and asked about buying new ones. He looked at them and said he'd never seen any like that. He suggested I clean them up, then have the new valves put in. Even though they were very rusty, they had no pitting and he said they'd be fine. After removing all the paint with paint remover, then using acid to remove all the rust, I re-painted then and they look great. 2 tanks salvaged!

Today I started in ernest on the restoration and dessassembled quite a bit of it.

Page 1: Start of rebuilding the "Wings"
Page 2: Continue rebuilding the "Wings"
Page 3: The left "wing"
Page 4: Building a new floor
Page 5: Starting on the inside.
Page 6: The inside continue
Page 7: Leaking windows and poor insulation
Page 8: Insulation continues
Page 9: A little Body Work and Solar Panels
Page 10: More insulation and body work.
Page 11: The insides are going together.

Yet another Avion Restoration Here's a C-ll in the works. Now linked to his webpage.
And, even another Avion Restoration I wish mine had looked this good when I started!