Old Boats

If you have old motors, you gotta have old boats.

The latest project.

This is my 1958 M-16 Alumicraft.

This is what it looked like wh.en I found it on the side of a Missouri Ozark's hill.

This is my 1958 Feathercraft awaiting time to make it look real nice.

This This is a little boat my brother gave me that he found in the Missouri Ozarks near his campground. It looks like it was factory made, but a long time ago. It's been on the water and is the most tippy boat I think I've ever been in. I doubt it will ever be restored - what would you do to it? It's about 9' long and 3' wide.

My little Flyer Project boat.

This is my everyday boat. '69 Richline, I use it to fish, plan and to test my motors. Not bad for a $50 boat. Of course, it took a gallon of paint remover and a lot of spart time to make it look decent.

This is my '60 Lonestar. My wife's uncle found it in a field in Illinois, where it sat since the mid '60's. It never had numbers on it, the last registration expired in 1966. A good paint stripping and a bit of polish should make for an eyecathcing boat.

Not mine, but an intersting Aereocraft.