Paint starts.

Lights before,

Lights after

First I painted all the insides of the front clip.

Then I had to build a paint booth.

The lower half of the grill is fixed, primed, and ready for paint.

This is a before.

Notice the welded up part along the top edge, and the hole that never got fixed.

On this side, it never got repaired at all, and the whole thing was rusted pretty deep.

And several places here were just rusted through, which required cutting away rusted metal and welding in new.

Here it is half sandblasted. The rust divits all over it don't show up, but the holes through it do.

And, here is the finished part, the bad spots fixed, all the rust filled and new paint.

This is the before - the grill stainless was bent, dinged and scratched, although only the largest shows int he pictures I took.

I studied on the web about how to restore stainless, then tackled it. this is the result. It came out pretty good, not show car quality, but not bad. I also had to rebuild all the clips on the back that hold it to the grill. It is not bolted to the grill yet - I need to polish out the paint first. Once the radiator is installed, I have no access to the bolts that hold the stainless on, so I need to finish all that first.

This is how the stainless mounts to the grill. The old bolts were completely shot, and there wasn't enough room to put new bolts in - they were installed before the clips were welded to the back of the stainless. So I had to cut the mounting clips in parts, remove the old rusted bolts, weld in new bolts, then weld the clips back together.

The paint has been sanded out and polished. The stainless is now bolted in permanently. Next the radiator will be installed. Then the fenders. Soon it'll start looking like a truck.

And - one fender on.

The next day, with 2 fenders, it's starting to look like something.

Cab gets repaired and painted.

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