Frame cleanup.

These things are coming off for cleanup.

All the mounts are off, most of the junk that has been welded on over the years is cut off and cleaned up. Front axle is off and rear is about to go.

Stripped but rusty..

A mess, but will change soon.

Axles are off, it's going up high so I can stand and work on it.

Ready to make a mess.

A little rust is gone. It is quite a bit of work to get all of it.

A lot of rust is gone.

Everything that is clean is primed. I'll hit the rest in another session.

It's looking better. I've uncovered no flaws in the frame to worry me. I was a bit concerned that I might find a crack hiding somewhere, but the frame is about 1/4" thick and in pretty good shape. It's about 1/3 sandblasted. I'll get all I can from the top, then roll it over and get the bottom and anything else that didn't get cleaned.

Got her on the side so I can get into the doubled frame and underside of the top.

All the parts facing up were blasted and painted. I'll probably have to re-paint most of it, but it had to sit outside in the rain and I didn't want to start over.

I thought there were no more surprises, but someone had taken a torch to it years ago for an unexplainable reason. I'll have to weld this up, along with a loose cross member, before final painting.

A little more is cleaned up.

Now it's flipped again, it's getting close.

Paint on the topside is pretty well dinged up and will have to be re-coated. Tomorrow I'll prime anything that is bare, then put 2 coats of chassis black on it. Then, time to start going back together!

Here are before and after views. It's far from perfect, but it's a darn site better than it was.

The rear axle is now sandblasted and painted. It's ready to go under the frame. This was almost as much work as the frame was.

It was painted about an hour before this picture was taken. Tomorrow I'll put both axles back under the frame. All the shackles are also sandblasted and painted.

Re-assembly starts.

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