Getting ready to yank the motor.

Nearly ready to sandblast.

Cab is free of the frame.

Cab is ready for stripping and sandblasting.

Got the frame stripped of all the old wires, lines and other junk. About ready for the sandblaster as well. All I need now is a decent day I can work outside with the sandblaster.

Notice the middle of the frame. this is what they called a "doubled" frame. Extra metal through the middle.

Motor is mostly sandblasted. Looks a lot better.

And a new coat of red paint. There are a couple spots where the chains were in the way, but I'll get them later.

And, waiting in the wings, is the new exhaust. Gotta be ready!

Inside is sandblasted and ready for paint. The floorboards still need a couple patches, but that will come.

Compare this to the firewall at the top of the page. An improvement, I hope.

Yesterday there were 9 holes in the back of the cab. Today it's looking a bit better.

It really is a nice even metallic blue. Sure doesn't come across in the pictures, though.

I thought a quart of paint would do the insides and underneath of the floors. I missed that by a bit and will have to get more paint tomorrow.

On to frame sandblasting.

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