Well, I got my shop emptied enough to get the truck in.

Now I need the snow to melt.

It's about 55 degrees in there, so it shouldn't take long

It took quite an effort, but I got the brake drum off. I needed it off to check things out, and to overhaul the wheel cylinder.

The brake shoes look usable. You can see all the rust that is still on the hub and around the bolts. This was part of the problem of getting it off.

Here is one dirty brake drum. Very usable, but needs sandblasting and paint.

A good washing and scrubbing in the solvent, and an hour in the sandblast cabinet, it's looking much better. The coke can gives an idea of the size. Not your half ton brake drum. I'd guess this hunk of iron is about 85 lbs.

And, a good coat of primer and 2 coats of high temp paint - can it pass for new?

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