I found this 1947 Dodge road tractor while looking at some old cars to be auctioned. It was parked in 1972, it hadn't been moved since.

Work begins on page 2.
Watch it being restored.

And it moves inside on page 3.
Watch it being taken apart.

And it becomes pieces on page 4.
Still coming apart.

Motor and cab are off now on page 5.
Still coming apart.

Frame gets cleaned up on page 6.
Disassembly is done.

Re-asssembly starts on page 7.

Painting begins.

Cab is repaired and painted.

Cab goes back on.

They cut the trees and brush around it to get out a bunch of cars and pickups for an auction. About 40 cars and Pickups. But they didn't get this truck out, so it wasn't listed in the auction. I found it, bought it and removed it before the auction.

The floorboards are still solid.

The hood fits well, it just wasn't closed here.

This is the only dent on the whole truck.
The doors fit correctly, and even open and shut like a late model car. No rust through on the bottom, either.

I still have to figure out all the plumbing under here.

This is the only rust hole in the truck. Dirt on top of the frame held moisture back there.

This is the power plant - 331 ci flathead 6.

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